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      A gift that travels a long way

      It only takes a couple of hours, and just a few days out of the month to provide a hot meal to someone though Meals on Wheels.

      A program that officials say is so beneficial and why a small donation can travel a long way.

      For the past 20 years, Anne Owen has dedicated her time providing a meal to the people who need it most.

      She says once a month she volunteers with Meals on Wheels servicing people in the East Albany community.

      Lucille Crouch, Meals on Wheels Director says the program has over 300 volunteers, which helps them provide over 186,000 meals per year to the 14 counties they serve.

      So good, that because of those hefty donations and fundraisers they were able to raise over $75,000 in this year alone.

      Izzie Sadler with the SOWEGA Council on Aging says, "We also do a lot of fundraisers in our community and try to make it a fun way to also raise these funds."

      And for Owen she says her love and compassion for people keeps her doing what she does.

      Owen says, "it's a little more than waving to somebody or giving someone money this is actually physically getting out and doing it and it is a touchy feely thing and it does make you feel good."

      Even though the program is doing well this year, they are always looking for volunteers to help put a smile on someone face.

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