A few more Dougherty County schools may make AYP

Westover is the only high school to make AYP in Dougherty County

Several Southwest Georgia school districts did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress for the 2009-10 school year.

Only one high school in Dougherty County made AYP for last school year. Westover is one of 17 Dougherty County schools that met AYP; this is the second time in a row Westover has met requirements.

School officials say 3 more schools are expected to make AYP after the erasure audit investigation, when the 2009 data is released. Schools' not making AYP isn't only an issue in Southwest Georgia; other areas of the state are having trouble too. " The first round in the high schools only 113 high schools actually made AYP and I think that's indicative of the raising the graduation rate requirement," says DCSS Spokesman R.D. Harter.

School officials from other counties say they missed AYP because of graduation rates as well. And certain stipulations- like counting Special Education graduates as drop-outs- only hurt those numbers.

Officials are already working on increasing the number of schools who meet AYP; but say it's only going to get harder.