93-year-old forced out after investigation

George Buckler on his front porch. / Jessica Fairley

An elderly man in Abbeville says he's being kicked out of his home after 22 years.

George Buckler says he lived in the Autumnwood Village Apartments for decades.

He's fed the birds and animals with no problem but now he says there's a stiff penalty.

The 93-year-old says neighbors aren't too happy.

"They don't like it. I haven't seen anybody yet that's been here to talk with me about it that likes it," said George Buckler.

FOX 31 reached out to management for information.

They weren't able to discuss the situation fully but they do say Buckler is not being singled out. They say there are other issues that are contributing to Mr. Buckler leaving the apartment complex.

Boyd Management has conducted a full investigation and made a final decision.

The tenant says he has to be out by early July.