7-year-old slays 1,000-pound creature

HOG HUNTERS FOR HOPE event that was held in Douglas, GA

On Saturday, 7-year-old Jason Sisk, from Fayetteville, Tennessee, made the biggest kill of his life in the Hog Hunters for Hope event in Douglas, Georgia.

Hog Hunters for Hope is an event for children to come and hunt and raise money for other children with cancer.

Sisk's hog weighed 985-pounds.

FOX 31 spoke with the Hog Hunters for Hope organizer, Christian Taylor, today. Taylor says that the hog is the largest he has ever seen. "It looks like a grizzly bear; the feet are as big as pie pans. When they hung it up from the front end loader, it towers over a grown man, it's ridiculous. You couldn't reach around it."

The last time a hog of this size was killed was a few years ago in Alapaha, Georgia. That hog was nicknamed Hogzilla.

A local Douglas pharmacy is going to have the hog head, which weighs approximately 150-pounds, mounted for Sisk.

Money collected from this event is being donated to St. Jude's and the local cancer awareness group in Coffee County.

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