7 mile bike trail opens at Chehaw Park

Group of riders follow Chehaw Trail. / Jessica Fairley

Chehaw Park has a new mountain bike and hiking trail that's drawing people from near and far.

On Sundays, a group of riders meet up for the seven mile long challenge.

The trail, which the Pecan City Peddlers helped sponsor, is the only biking trail in southwest Georgia.

Vonnie McClung helped Chehaw officials map out the area after realizing the need in the community.

"It's a gated entrance so you can come in and feel safe. It gets people off the roads so you're on dirt and on a trail. We've had some friends get hit by cars over the last year, so that's on the front of people's minds," said Mountain Biker Vonnie McClung.

Chehaw plans to expand the amenity in the upcoming year.

Visitors looking to hike or ride the trails can expect to see an array of deer and wildlife.

Anyone interested in joining the group riders is welcome to show up at the park on Sundays at 2 p.m.