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      $67,000 check lands man in jail

      Jamal Blount arrested for forgery.

      Albany police have a warning for anyone who may receive an unsolicited large check in the mail; trying to cash it could land you behind bars.

      That TMs what happened to Jamal Blount.

      Thursday Blount walked into a Bank of America branch and attempted to cash a check worth $67,000.

      Because of the large amount, bank clerks alerted the police.

      Once officers arrived, the suspect took off.

      Blount was captured and promptly arrested.

      I haven't seen a check of this particular size but I have seen where people receive checks in the mail and tried to cash them only to find out that they are counterfeit, says Catoa Baldwin, Albany Police Detective.

      Blount is being charged with first degree forgery.

      Anyone who receives these types of checks through the mail is asked to contact authorities to verify it first.