600 turtles race to the finish

Mini-turtle race gets folks excited for the "big one" coming in March. / From file

The Flint Riverquarium held a "Mini-Turtle Race" today, getting prepared for the big one coming up in March.

600 toy turtles took the plunge and raced down the fountain, with the winner taking home $500 dollars cash.

Event director, Vicki Churchman says these are the events that allow the public to get involved with the community, and have fun doing it.

"Everyone has heard of the financial issues facing the Riverquarium, we're non-profit, and fundraisers are where we gain support. It only takes $5 dollars, opposed to other fundraisers that are more expensive," said Churchman.

The winner ended up being, Courtney Hindsman, who took home the $500 dollars cash, and will see her turtle race again in early March.

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