$600 million only going so far for schools

Mitchell County School System Administration Building.

Governor Nathan Deal has signed next year TMs budget and more than $600 million are set aside for public education.

When you divide it over the 180 school systems based on size and how it's divided out, for Mitchell County we're getting about $520,000, said Victor Hill, Mitchell County School Superintendent.

Hill said these dollars can only go so far.

When you try to put a pen to it we actually come out about $140,000 dollars short with this $524,000 to meet what the increases have come to. So we will use some of this money to help off that cost, said Victor Hill.

With the lack of budget increases, Mitchell County has still been able to avoid furlough days over the last five years.

This is what sets Mitchell County apart from other school systems.

Calhoun County officials said additional funds from the state will be used to knock down their furlough days.

A lot of people have really had to pinch their pockets over a lot of the budget cuts. So with the money coming in we'll be able to hopefully replace those seven that we're looking at having now, said Al Williams, Calhoun County Board of Education Chairman.

Williams said hopefully during the next fiscal year there won't be any furlough days.

For Calhoun County each furlough day costs about $25,000.

The school system will need $175,000 to bring their calendar back to normal.