49 accused in CRCT cheating investigation

Tommy Coleman is the attorney for the Dougherty County School Board / Ashley Knight

49 teachers and administrators have been accused of cheatingâ"those are the results so far of the investigation into the CRCT cheating scandal that has rocked Dougherty County.

That's 15% more proportionately than the number of school employees accused in the Atlanta cheating scandal.

Attorney Tommy Coleman has made it clear, the board will make a case to the tribunal against those who do not resign.

"You have to have a hearing if they resist before you can terminate them, it's not like a regular employee who you can just walk in and say, 'this is your last day, you need to leave'," says Coleman.

"If we shortchange our children in the classroom, they will be shortchanged forever," says DCSS board member Rev. James Bush.

Governor Nathan Deal will release all details of the results of the investigation some time Tuesday.

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