40-year-old sewer lines to be replaced in Lee County

This is an example of an old sewer line where a root broke through the sewer's terracotta and PVC piping / Sarah Bleau

The Lee County Utilities Authority is making preparations to completely replace 40-year-old sewage lines in Lee County.

Chris Boswell, the authority's general manager, says they plan to completely repair sewer mains and manholes in the Glendale and Lee High Acres subdivision, which they say are the worst in the area. He says the pipes have passed their life expectancy.

Boswell says the pipes have dried and roots are cracking through them.

"During a drought in any part of the country if you have trees and shrubs and they can find water and what I was just showing the board was an area where we had a root infiltration actually into the sewer line," he says.

Cameras will be sent through the pipes to evaluate the damage.

SPLOST 2013 funds will be used for the project; these funds will be released July 1, 2013. The authority informed Boswell and his team that there are still SPLOST 2013 funds budgeted for them to use if they would like to add another project to their to-do list.

Boswell and his team estimate the Lee High Acres Subdivision project will cost $785,190 and the Glendale Subdivion project will cost $1,186,134.

The Lee County Utilities Authority meets the third Thursday of every month.

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