$350,000 going to Pine Ave. streetscape

Downtown Albany getting a facelift. / Jessica Fairley

The Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority is shelling out thousands of dollars in cash to improve downtown Albany.

Board members approved just under $400,000 for current and upcoming projects.

The 100 block of Pine Avenue is about to undergo a makeover.

"That entire street is going to be redone with a full sidewalk replacement curb and gutter, street lights, street trees, and resurfacing of the entire roadway. It's going to be amazing when it's done," says Aaron Blair, ADICA President.

ADICA officials are spending $352,153 on the new streetscape project. This is in addition to the $47,000 they're spending on the Art Park.

"When citizens come down they'll see a different atmosphere and hopefully something positive will go on and we'll get more business down in this area," says Lanicia Hart, a business owner and ADICA member.

The project is expected to begin in November.

ADICA officials say although they're focusing on the streetscape project and the Art Park, there are other items that will draw more people to the downtown Albany area.

"We're progressing about as fast as possible to get our lofts done because we have great need for them and we get calls all the time," says Aaron Blair.

Board members are overlooking several loft layouts to determine what's best for the city.

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