350 people paddle toward Albany

Photo Credit: Sean Streicher

First Update (2/19/13)
Event organizers have announced that the Paddle Georgia 2013 event has sold out of registration spots in just 24 hours.

"Last year, the trip sold out in a little more than 2 weeks," said April Ingle, Executive Director of Georgia River Network in the release. "This year's response surpassed all expectations. It's a hot ticket â" almost as hot as a Rolling Stones concert."

Initial Story (2/14/13)
There's nothing like a day on the river, or in this case seven days, as the Georgia River Network opened registration Thursday for their ninth annual fundraiser known as "Paddle Georgia".

The Flint River was selected to be this year's water high way, and features limestone bluffs, blue holes, and a variety of wildlife.

"The lower Flint is just an absolutely beautiful river. I think out of all the rivers that I have paddled, the Flint River is the most beautiful river in Georgia," said Joe Cook, the Paddle Georgia Coordinator:

Fees range from $150-$270 dollars for the 106 mile journey that runs from lake black shear, in Cordele, to downtown Bainbridge.

During that trip the canoe and kayakers will spend four days in Albany, sightseeing and taking in some of the area's attractions.

Places like the Albany Civil Rights Institute and Flint Riverquarium are all tentative stops for the visitors. The Albany Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) says Paddle Georgia fits in perfectly with their new marketing plan.

"This year we are focusing in trying to bring more tourism throughout river," said Rashelle Beasley, the CVB Manager.

The city also has plans to make the river more accessible from downtown as they are currently in the process of putting in new canoe and kayak launches.

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