30 mobile homes involved in overnight copper theft

Dougherty County police say copper coils and even whole appliances were stolen in an overnight copper theft

Dougherty County police say nearly two years ago, Paradise Village on Holly Drive used to be at full capacity all of the time; now, they say, the mobile home park is practically a ghost town with vacancies.

According to DCP, 30 vacant mobile homes at Paradise Village were involved in copper thefts over the weekend.

"There were a lot of thefts involving air conditioning coils which of course are copper, some appliances, refrigerators, stoves, either parts taken from them or the whole appliance taken and then various types of damage," says Capt. Jimmy Sexton with the Dougherty County Police Department.

Between the copper thefts and break-ins, Sexton says total damages added up to $21,000.

"It's very unusual that we would have this much occur in a small time frame like that," says Sexton.

What is becoming less unusual for the police department is copper theft cases. DCP officials say they have been dealing with copper thefts almost on a daily basis, which they say is due to the fact that the price of copper has increased to $3.50 per pound.

"We're having a terrible time with copper thefts," says Sexton. "We're having copper thefts reported on a daily basis now. It's really escalating."

While Paradise Village employees could not go on camera at this time, one employee says that another copper theft incident occurred between Sunday evening and Monday.

"We're asking for the public's assistance in helping us locate the individuals responsible for this," says Sexton.

If you have information on these copper thefts, contact Crimestoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477) or the Dougherty County Police at (229) 430-6600. Dougherty County police say there is a cash reward.