30 dogs seized from TyTy home

Dogs seized from TyTy home. /


25 adult dogs have been euthanized after a raid on a TyTy home.

In all, 30 dogs were seized this afternoon after they were found living in deplorable conditions without any medical attention.

Officials with the Best Friends Humane Society say the 25 dogs that were euthanized had serious disease and illness.

Several puppies are still alive and officials are hoping the animals survive.

The animals had lived in the home for years before an anonymous caller contact authorities about their living conditions.

Initial Story:

Worth County Sheriff's officials are investigating after 30 dogs were seized from a TyTy home Tuesday afternoon.

Best Friends Humane Society and Environmental Health were also called out to the scene.

According to Carolyn Maschke with the Southwest Public Health District, Environmental Health officials were asked to check the septic system to see if it was working properly and check to see if all of the animals had been vaccinated for rabies.

Although the septic system was working properly, all the animals had not been vaccinated.

Public health officials say many of the animals are not in good shape.

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