3 R's of Effective Parenting Class

Parents and children attend the class

Multiple agencies partnered together to present the "3 R's of Effective Parenting" class.

Presenters mainly focused on respect, responsibilities, and rights.

The Department of Family and Children Services, The Dougherty County School System, PCCI, and the District Attorney's Office presented information on the rights parents have, community resources, and how truancy affects both parents and children.

CEO of Project SHIELD Prince Edwards says it's important to approach parenting as a cooperative effort from the entire neighborhood. "It takes a lot of different avenues, resources, and support to raise children today. I'm grateful that DFACS, APD, the District Attorney's Office, and the School System participated in this event" says Edwards.

The Department of Family and Children Services talked about when they get involved, protocol/procedures for how they handle situations, and what resources they have for families. District Attorney Greg Edwards spoke on truancy and how both the parent and child can be held responsible if a child misses too many days of school. In Georgia children 6-16 years old are required to attend school and the child and parent can face a fine and/or jail time if prosecuted.

If you would like to get involved with Project SHIELD contact E. Bankston at 229-449-6977.