21 Band mates salute a local superstar

Friends and fans salute fallen superstar with concert. / Jessica Fairley

After a local superstar passes away, 21 of his closest friends are joining in a concert for his honor.

David Thomas died abruptly of a heart attack back in January of this year.

In his remembrance, fans gathered at the State Theater in downtown Albany for a night of music.

21 Band mates that Thomas worked with throughout the years brought forth seven variations of music that he played.

Many of them say he was a great inspiration.

"Each one of the musicians here I've talked to on a regular basis and I'm friends with all of them and throughout time they've always said that they've ended up being a better musician because of David Thomas," says Dax Hoxsie, the Master of Ceremony for the concert.

Thomas started out with the band "Sure Thing" in the early 80's and played with the group "Discount Superstar" until his death.

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