20 sirens planned for Sumter County

Americus, Georgia was struck by a tornado in 2007; seven years later, they're planning to make sure their residents will see it coming.

EMA Director of Sumter County, Nigel Poole, says this system includes 20 new sirens that will stretch over nearly all of Sumter County. Additionally, there will be two safe rooms available along the U.S. 19 for public access.

Chief Administrative Officer of Sumter County, Bill Twomey, adds that the outdoor sirens that will also be able to have a voice message system; alerting people to head to shelter who aren't by a radio or near a television.

This project was approved by FEMA in September 2009 and finalized last week. McCord Communications will be testing these sirens to get them ready by July 1st.

Twomey says the county is hoping to get a reverse alert system as well to alert residents on their cell and house phones if a disaster should hit.

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