2 Georgia women accused of counterfeiting money in NC

Two Georgia women have been accused of making fake $100 bills in a North Carolina motel room.

Cumberland County sheriff's deputies say the Jonesboro, Ga., women, 38-year-old Robin Lynette Brown and 45-year-old Cecelia V. Robertson, were printing the bills in their room in Fayetteville.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Tanna told The Fayetteville Observer investigators found a computer, paper and scissors in the room. Deputies say they found 15 fake bills in the toilet.

Tanna says investigators were notified after some of bills turned up in local businesses.

Deputies say the fake money has a different texture and doesn't have all the security markings or numbers. They are charged with counterfeiting and manufacturing, possessing counterfeit notes and conspiracy.

It was unclear if the women had attorneys.