$1.8 Million invested into Downtown Moultrie

$1.8 Million invested into Downtown Moultrie to increase attraction to the community.jpg / Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Investments have been made to Downtown Moultrie to make the area a bigger attraction for the community.

The $1.8 million ongoing project includes renovations to current buildings and adding new businesses. In this process, many jobs are being created for the community.

A big focus for the town is to increase security to make the hub of Colquitt County a safe and enjoyable place to be.

“One of the aspects of it is to have video cameras downtown for safety purposes,” said Mayor Bill McIntosh. “It will monitor what’s going on downtown. People will feel safer and feel more connected to the downtown and not have to worry about crime or anything like that.”

City officials encourage the community to get involved with what is going on. There are volunteer opportunities for people to be physically active or contribute ideas to future projects.

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