11 people arrested in Tift Co. drug bust

Eleven people in Tift County have been arrested and charged with either distributing or buying crack cocaine at a rental home on Tyson Avenue.

The Tifton Gazette reports that agents confiscated crack cocaine with an estimated $9,000 street value. According to Jeff Youngblood, Commander of the Mid-south Narcotics Task Force, the busts are not the first at the house that was at one time condemned.

"We had been receiving complaints from neighbors about the traffic coming and going from the house. This was the third time we had hit the house," said Youngblood.

Agents served a search warrant on the house and arrested six people on charges of possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. Then, undercover officers posed as sellers in the house and continued to let buyers in. Five alleged buyers were arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine.

"People continued to come up and buy the drug from the agents and we arrested them," said Youngblood.

Youngblood said approximately 20 agents were involved in the operation. The team had been working on the case for at least two weeks prior to serving the search warrant.

Those arrested when the search warrant was served and charged with possession with intent to distribute were:

⢠Jarrod Deion Bateman, 17, 1416 Shanna Drive
⢠Marcel Demon Green, 19, 611 Davis Ave.
⢠Marquisten Jones, 18, 1301 Windsor Drive
⢠Willie Thomas McCrae Jr., 17, 278 Solomon Nixon Place
⢠Deakeidron Phasod Neal, 17, 603 E. Fourth St.
⢠Raphael Christopher Sears, 17, 193 Railroad St., Ty Ty

Those arrested and charged with purchasing crack cocaine from agents were:

⢠Chia Ramirez Cipriano, 23, 6 Ferry Lake Trailer Park
⢠Steve Carl Collins, 45, 2304 Morris Sumner Road, Lenox
⢠Johnny Ralph Davidson Jr., 25, 282 Cherry St., Norman Park
⢠Abner Calvin Kee, 43, 439 Dixie Ave.
⢠Bernardo Lopez, 24, 1020 Ferry Lake Road