102-year-old shares presidential thoughts

102-year-old Myrtle Fowler shares her thoughts on the presidential race. / Matt Prichard

For many it's the one day a year you set aside for yourself. But for myrtle fowler she's using her birthday to thank somebody else.

"Well I'm just so thankful that god has spared me for 102-years, I'm looking forward to 103! I think it's the greatest blessing that god could give anyone," said Myrtle Fowler.

And that milestone birthday means more than ever with the presidential election only days away. Fowler has seen the last 17 presidents take to the oval office, so we had to ask, what does she think about the race in 2012?

"I think he's done a fairly good job on the four years. I believe he will, but you know it's hard to tell," said Fowler.

And Fowler even stated that the Roosevelt plan might be the best way for these candidates to turn the country around.

"He put people to work, he organized Chehaw in Albany and put people to work there, if he could use Roosevelt's ideas it would be great," said Fowler.

Fowler says one thing she has learned through every presidential election is that America will remain standing, regardless of who is put in the oval office.