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      10,000 ways to give back

      On Thursday, SOWEGA Council on Aging received a huge donation to go toward buying new equipment for the fitness center in the new building located on Society Avenue.The amount awarded totaled $10,000 and all the money donated is from local resident Jesse Massey.He says all the money given was from years and years of saving and wanting to help provide a better life for the elderly.Massey says, "why not help something that's going to help everybody including myself one day."Kay Hind, Executive Director with SOWEGA Council on Aging says, "we're so excited about someone from the community stepping up and doing something for the community. We welcome that and welcome anyone else who would like to donate." The donation will be used to buy treadmills, bicycle, weights and an arm cycle for those using wheelchairs.The new building will be known as the Senior Life Enrichment Center, and is expected to be completed in December. The building is currently being constructed, and is at 80 percent completion at last check. Demolition started on the building in 2008.The old locations are on 311 Pine Avenue, and at the Albany Housing Authority. The total cost for the project is $7.9 million dollars.

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