1,000 flag memorial in place in Albany

1,000 flags are in place next to the Albany Mall. / Sean Streicher

The Patriot's Field of Flags, a display of 1,000 American flags lined up in single file rows, is now in place next to the to the Albany mall.

The site will host two events next week starting with a 9/11 memorial, Tuesday night at 7:00pm

The following Saturday at 7:00pm a memorial concert will be taking place. The Levee Band featuring Jodi Mann will be performing.

A team of 80 volunteers started preparing the field for next week's events, at 8:00 Saturday morning. Just a few rows shy of finishing the skies opened up and it started to rain, but that didn't getting spirits down.

Everyone's just glad to be here, it doesn't matter if it's raining or notâ|you know the weather might be bad but everyone's in a good mood", said volunteer, Nick Leggett.

Organizers from the American Legion Post 30 say they hope the flags get a message across to veterans, that the public appreciates what they've gone through, what they're doing for us.
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