100 new jobs could soon be coming to Albany

The Long Term Financial Planning Committee voted to pass along a proposal by Thrush Aircraft Inc. for $200,000. City Commissioners will vote later this month on the allocation that could add up to 100 new jobs to Albany. / Doug Reardon

The Long Term Financial Planning Committee voted unanimously on Monday to move along a proposal from Thrush Aircraft, Inc. for $200,000.

The funds would go towards a major expansion to the company's present facility on Old Pretoria Road. It would help them begin production of a new product, the Thrush 710 - essentially a bigger version of the Thrush 510 crop-dusting aircraft the company currently produces at a rate of 50 per year. With these funds, Thrush is hoping to generate anywhere between 50 and 100 jobs over the next three years to produce the 710 at a rate of 24 per year.

The funds were allocated via the Albany Job Investment Fund, an incentive program that provides funding to company's who can generate jobs and business within the community. The proposal has now been sent off to the City Commission, where commissioners will vote on its final approval later this month.