"100 Black Men of Albany" donate luggage to kids

Group of affluent men helping foster children. / Jessica Fairley

The "100 Black Men of Albany" has given a special gift to the Lily Pad Sane Center to help bring light to some of southwest Georgia's children in need.

On Monday, the Lily Pad and Dougherty Casa accepted 100 suitcases from the group to hand out to foster children.

Organizers of the drive created it in honor of 19-month-old Janaysia Stevenson who died in early 2011 after being beaten by her mother's boyfriend.

The group of affluent males says they wanted to give back in order to uplift spirits.

"With this opportunity to add some dignity to their situation to give them some sense of people wanting to help, people wanting to support, we believed this is an effort we want to be behind 100 percent," says Dougherty County District Attorney and 100 Black Men of Albany member Greg Edwards.

The "100 Black Men of Albany" plans to make the luggage drive an annual event.