Worth County commissioner questions budget

Worth County commissioner, Billy McDonald questions the budget. / Matt Prichard

The Worth County Board of Commissioners met tonight to discuss several issues, including a concern from district 4 commissioner Billy McDonald.

"Well when the budget was drawn up, and I attended all budget workshops, this $250,000 dollars was just added in," said McDonald.

The board was voting on whether to use that money for several new fire stations around worth county, which McDonald says was not in the original budget. Chairman matt Medders disagreed with McDonald stating that the budget is the same and hasn't changed.

"When we did the budget in June, it's a 6-week process, everything was done in workshops, it was voted on and approved by the budget except for Mr. Billy who voted against the budget," said Medders.

When asked about the $250,000 dollars, Medders replied that he has no idea where McDonald is getting those kind of numbers.

McDonald also argued that Medders may have been padding the budget for political gain.

"I know it is election year, and I know when you go out here and try and do certain quick things for people, it's impressive to them," said McDonald.

But Medders says there is no way that he could be padding the budget for any reason.

"Budget is put on a countertop, it's reviewed by the public for two weeks, so there are no secrets, cushion the budget $250,000 dollars, it's impossible to do that," said Medders.

The funds to build these new fire stations were put before the board during the meeting, and after a brief discussion the board approved it, despite McDonald voting against it.

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