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      Wilson disqualified by Dougherty County Elections Board

      The Board of Elections met Wednesday to discuss two independent candidates working to get on the ballot for the November 6th elections. Terrance Wilson was hoping to run against Velvet Riggins for Dougherty County School Board.

      "Mr.. Wilson did not have the signatures required to qualify as an independent candidate," said board member Ginger Nickerson.

      Those signatures are collected from a candidate's district, which Mr.. Wilson fell short of reaching.

      "He must have five percent of the registered voters in his district, which would be 412, he only had 85 certified signatures. Which does not match 412, so he is not qualified," said board member Alan Pendleton.

      The board also discussed candidate hopeful, reverend Lorenzo Heard, who is waiting for the office to tally his signatures for a chance to run against Democratic Dougherty County School Board elect Lane Price.

      "I can tell you that we're still verifying the signatures on the petitions he brought in, and we will probably not finish that until next week," said Pendleton.

      The delay is a result of the runoff between John House and Rick Allen, which currently has the election office stretched for time.

      "We have a runoff election we're working on at the same time, so we're doing duel jobs. We have extra personnel in the office that are doing that process and as soon as that's done, then the board will have a special called meeting at which time we will address that issue," said Pendleton.

      Other items on the agenda included reviewing the recent primaries, and beginning the foundation work for the November elections.