Will a BRAC be affecting the MCLB?

The Marine Corps Logistics Base will not be affected this year by a BRAC-or Base Realignment and Closure / File

The Georgia Military Affairs Coordinating Committee met last Thursday, but talk of a possible consolidation of Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base was not the main topic of discussion.

Two weeks ago, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta suggested a BRAC--or Base Realignment and Closure--to congress that would force bases to look at where they can cut costs.

Dougherty County Chairman Jeff Sinyard says no one in congress is interested and that a BRAC has less than a one percent chance of happening.

City Commissioner Tommie Postell agrees, saying people in Albany have good reason to rally behind the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

"It's very essential I think to the citizens in this community and surrounding areas because we have people that come as far away as 90 or 100 miles for jobs there. We're gonna need everyone's support to keep that base," says Postell.

The Georgia Military Affairs Coordinating Committee meets quarterly.

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