Ward 3 race gets heated

Arthur Kay Williams, Ward 3 City Commissioner Candidate

Both candidates for ward 3 City Commissioner admit their ward faces unique challenges like gangs, poverty, and prostitution.

Both men are also up for the challenge to make Ward 3 a better place. Fox 31 spoke with both candidates who stated why they want to become the next Ward 3 City Commissioner.

Former City Commissioner Arthur Kay Williams says service is number one, and he plans on acquiring federal money to help his ward. "It's time for the federal government to supply dollars, but it's also time for the city of Albany to use its ability to network and joint venture with the federal government to put our people to work" says Williams.

Christopher Pike says he wants to concentrate on making the neighborhoods safe. "People get involved with gangs because that's their sense of how to get money and that's how they get security. If we can create jobs for people to have a viable income, then they may not be as willing to engage in crime" says Pike.

FOX 31 asked both candidates why they are best suited for the job, and here's what they had to say.

"I'm the best because I have the experience and I have the track record to prove that I can intersect through all interfaces" says Williams.

"People in the past have done work and they've had their time, but it's really time to go in a new direction and that's what my campaign is about: where we can go to build a better future" says Pike.