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      Ward 3 candidates challenged

      The board heard statements from Arthur Williams who challenged the legitimacy of his competitor TMs eligibility on the grounds of an incomplete application and questioning the official submission time of the appropriate documents.

      I felt compelled to challenge because after twenty two and a half years their has always been a process to qualify says Williams.

      Christopher Pike says the challenge wasn TMt a major issue in the race. Its just a distraction from the issues we have with our city, with the government, and its typical politics that we don TMt need says Pike.

      After Williams challenge to Pike failed, Williams wasn TMt off the hot seat yet because the next challenge was against him.

      Lon McNiel challenged Williams TM eligibility because of tax liens. It TMs not about the issues, its about the process. You can TMt just ask questions, you have to find the answer says McNiel.

      McNiel dug up records and brought them to the board who voted that despite personal tax issues " according to the law, Williams is eligible.

      I TMm fine with that, now we can get on running a campaign discussing Albany TMs future and facing this town says McNiel.