Voter check list for July primary

Voters can register to vote on the second floor on the Government Building. / Sean Streicher

Election signs are popping up around town as the July 31st primary approaches. Before you head to the polls there are a few things you need to know about voting, starting with registering.

"Currently the cutoff date for the July primary, which the primary election is July 31st, is July the 2nd." said election supervisor Ginger Nickerson, "So we need and applications postmarked on or before midnight of that day in order for you to be eligible to vote in the up and coming election."

After you register it's important to verify the paper work went through. You can do that by visiting, or by calling the voter registration and elections office at (229) 431-3247. Once your registered you're all set to head to the polls, but don't forget one valid form of ID.

Proper forms of ID are:

1) Georgia Driver's License
2) State Issued ID Card with Picture
3) U.S. Passport
4) Government Employee ID Card with Picture
5) U.S. Military ID Card with Picture
6) Tribal ID Card with Picture

If you have any problem registering to vote or making it to the polls on election day, contact the voter registration and elections office to make arrangement.

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