UPDATE: Judge Willie Weaver under investigation

An investigation is underway by the GBI involving Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver after reports of an alleged domestic violence incident

UPDATED 5/24 6:15 p.m.

The GBI is looking into reports of a domestic altercation between Judge Willie Weaver and his wife. But local advocates are speaking out today, concerned enough isn't being done.

On Tuesday there was no sign of Judge Willie Weaver at his Pine Avenue office. The municipal court judge is under investigation in connection with a domestic altercation involving his wife.

"Judge Weaver's wife was presented to the local hospital and indicated that there had been an altercation," said Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards. "Part of what the initial investigation is that it occurred at the home of a police officer."

But while he's not at his office he's not in jail either. Now advocates against domestic violence are questioning why not.

"If there were witnesses and there was a perpetrator and that person was identified as such and it was family violence then somebody needed to go to jail," said Silke Deeley, Director of the Liberty House.

Now officials in Dougherty County are trying to walk a fine line making sure they show no favoritism.

"Because of the nature of the case and the potential for any conflict that might arise from the investigation. I deemed it appropriate to immediately bring in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation," said Edwards.

Albany Police initially handled the case before it was turned over to GBI. We reached out to officials to ask why no one was arrested, but they said since the case is no longer in their hands they can't make a comment. But District Attorney Edwards says evidence at the scene played a key role.

"Presentation of the initial report was not at the crime scene, if there was a crime. So I am not sure if they had any information to make an arrest," said Edwards.

Weaver has not been charged in this case. Once the GBI completes their investigation they will turn the information over to the district attorney.

An investigation is underway by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation involving Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver following a report of a domestic violence incident over the weekend.

According to the police report, the Albany Police Department responded to Palmyra Medical Center on Saturday at 11 p.m. in reference to a report of a domestic violence incident. According to the report the victim was an injured female and the primary aggressor was listed as Willie C. Weaver.

The 31-year-old woman involved in the altercation is "the wife of an Albany Municipal Court Judge," says the GBI.

In a press release, the GBI says on Sunday, Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards requested a GBI investigation into the injuries sustained by the 31-year-old during the alleged incident from Saturday.

No arrests or charges have been made at this time. The investigation by agents from the GBI's Sylvester Field Office continues.

Albany Mayor Willie Adams confirmed that he is aware of the ongoing investigation and is awaiting the GBI report before informing the city commission.

"I think it's probably inappropriate for me to comment on ongoing investigations. I have to presume innocence until proven guilty," says Adams. "I understand it's under investigation, so I'm waiting to see what comes out of that."

According to the police report, the case remains active and was forwarded to Family Protection Investigators.

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