Telecommunications company wants to do business in SWGA

Mayor Pro Tem Christopher Pike

City Commissioners heard a proposal from L2 Networks to run a pilot program that would provide high speed internet, high definition television, and digital voice services to Albany and the surrounding areas.

Kraig Beahn who gave the proposal to commissioners on behalf of L2 says they have a unique way of expanding the telecommunications infrastructure. "What we're looking to accomplish is basically utilizing Water, Gas, and Light's fiber rich infrastructure to get out to the community so that in turn we can deploy these services cost effectively" says Beahn.

City Commissioners unanimously agreed to move forward with L2's proposal.

Mayor Pro Tem Christopher Pike says the competition is healthy for Southwest Georgia. "Anytime you have competition you have a greater sense of customer service and a better product. So we think that by having some competition in this market will open up better services for our residents, and our residents deserve that" says Pike.

The new technical components of L2's plan would allow Southwest Georgians to experience the same telecommunication competition and services as bigger cities. When asked if the plan was equivalent to squeezing a watermelon of technology down a pipe, Beahn says it's more like increasing the size of the pipe so you can fit 400 watermelons down the pipe at the same time.

If the proposal is passed, once all technical components are taken care of L2 would launch subscription services for high speed internet, high definition television, and digital voice services within six months.