Tea party patriots plans large rally

Albany's tea party is April 17, 2010

The Southwest Georgia Patriots discussed upcoming events, how to boost tea party participation, and how to let Congressman Sanford Bishop know they're not happy with what's happening with the health care reform bill.

Bill Waller says the purpose of the tea party is to give the people of Albany a chance to have their voices heard.

Younger patriots in attendance say they want to participate in the tea party activities because the decisions happening now will affect them personally, politically, and financially for the rest of their lives.

Attendees watched a documentary about the development of the tea parties nationwide and how they can play a part in the movement in Southwest Georgia.

Tea party members say the group is not about political affiliation, but about coming together to say politicians need to pause and think about how to do what's best for America and be fiscally responsible for future generations.

The Southwest Georgia Patriots are gearing up to host a large tea party rally on April 17, 2010 at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds.