Taxpayers foot Nathan Deal's security detail

Georgia State Patrol

Georgia's two gubernatorial candidates are on opposite sides of the fence about many issues, and this time they are clashing on the use of Georgia state troopers as security.

For decades Georgia State Patrol has offered gubernatorial candidates a security detail that includes two troopers and a state car paid for with taxpayer money.

Democratic nominee Roy Barnes has declined the offer citing the state budget crisis as his main reason to use his personal truck for travel.

Republican nominee Nathan Deal accepted GSP's security offer. Deal says he will reimburse Georgia State Patrol, however GSP officials say there is no formal reimbursement agreement with Deal. As of right now taxpayers are footing the bill for Deal's trooper salary, car, and gas expenses.

Because of the state budget crisis the State Patrol can't run a "trooper school" which leaves 150 vacant positions. The department is supposed to have 953 active duty troopers, however as of today GSP is operating with 803 troopers.