Sylvester leaders notify residents of city changes

Sylvester Mayor Bill Yearta addresses residents about changes in the community. / Jessica Fairley

Sylvester officials held the city's 3rd Annual Town Hall Meeting Thursday night to inform residents about changes in the community.

More than 150 Sylvester residents turned attended the meet and greet.

"They're learning more about how our city works and that's what we want to convey," says Larry Johnson, Sylvester Mayor Pro Tem.

Johnson says the meeting was a chance to fill residents in on why their utility bill can sometimes run high.

"It's because we run more days. We might run 35 days as opposed to 30, so therefore your utility bill will be higher," says Larry Johnson.

Others issues to come up on the agenda included the city's new website and the completion for Phase I of the Isabella Project.

"It's going to provide pedestrian safety in our community and connect our downtown with the schools," says Bill Yearta, Sylvester Mayor.

In addition to the lecture, residents were able to have some of their questions answered before leaving with a bag of goodies from the city.

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