Supporters of health care reform rally

Ken King with Organizing for America addresses health care reform bill supporters

They chanted, cheered, and came together to support Congressman Bishop and healthcare reform.

Ken King with Organizing for America outlined the changes President Obama wants to make and the crowd agreed. "They support healthcare insurance reform. They stand with the President on core principles to reduce cost, improve the quality of our life and make sure we deal with the fact that folks don't have access" says King.

Some people gave testimonials on their personal experiences with healthcare and others explained how a change would affect the entire system.

College student LeKesha Wilson learned more about healthcare and says she wants to be more involved with the healthcare reform bill. "I hope that its passed, I believe it'll be passed, and I'll do as much as I can and speak to people who want health care reform" says Wilson.

More than 4,500 petitions in support of the healthcare reform bill were signed and delivered to Sanford Bishop's office. Even though Congressman Bishop wasn't at the rally another crowd was â" opponents of the healthcare reform bill.

Disabled veteran Lee Larko wants to see health care reform, however he doesn't agree with a government run healthcare. "The federal government is getting way too big and getting way to intrusive in our personal lives" says Larko.

Some of the opponents say the bill will affect more than just healthcare. Midwife Debby Sapp said if the bill passes it will affect her career. "Homebirth midwives who've been shows to lower the rate of premature births are not allowed to practice in Georgia, and this is one of the reasons we don't need government in healthcare" says Sapp.

Both supporters and opponents said they want health care reformâ|.they just need to iron out the thousands of wrinkles that are the details. The rally was peaceful and as supporters of the bill left they were chanting one message: health care reform must pass.

The rally was sponsored by Organizing for America â" a subgroup of the Democratic National Committee.