State heavyweights weigh in on gun debate

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson

Governor Nathan Deal says most of the gun law changes, if any will come at the federal level. However he adds Georgia lawmakers are currently writing legislation to tighten our laws. "There is one area that I believe we do need to tighten up and that is the checking of mental health records as required by our state for the permitting purposes" says Deal.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson agrees with increased mental health checks, however when it comes to banning guns, he's not sure that is the right course of action. "We've had an experience where banning the weapon has not solved the problem. It may make somebody feel good, but it does not solve the problem" says Isakson.

Georgia lawmakers will considering a law that would allow school administrators to carry guns after intense training, a bill Governor Deal says could pass. "I think that one does have some merit. So I think if someone is going to be in an environment around children in particular - they certainly need to be trained. I understand the point of view of the author of that legislation and I think it's one that may receive favorable consideration by the general assembly" says Deal.

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