State and local leaders break bread over key issues

Leaders discuss key issues over lunch. / Jessica Fairley

Albany officials met with state leaders this afternoon in an open discussion on how to bring local matters to the state level.

State Representatives Winfred Dukes and Carol Fullerton sat down to lunch with Georgia Senator Freddie Powell-Sims and Albany commissioners.

Albany lobbyist, Rufus Montgomery, was also in attendance to take issues back to Atlanta.

They went over topics ranging from juvenile crime to group homes opening in the area.

Commissioners spent the majority of the meeting going over possible ways to bring funding and support to quality of life entities like Chehaw and the Flint Riverquarium.

Officials say the city can draw in crowds but we need to invest in something that will make visitors want to come back again.

"The people of Albany, as well as the leaders of Albany, must find a way to actively involved themselves in making sure that we do have a Riverquarium," said State Representative Winfred Dukes, District 150-(D).

State Representative Dukes says organizations like the Riverquarium and Chehaw may have to collaborate to reduce expenditures.

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