Special Election to be held for Ward II

Former Ward II commissioner, Dorothy Hubbard at her campaign kickoff on Pine Avenue / Ashley Knight

City commissioners were down a commissioner Tuesday morning, since Ward II commissioner, Dorothy Hubbard is running for mayor.

Her seat was vacant at the commission table.

However, Hubbard was at the meeting, just as a spectator.

Hubbard had to vacate her position once she officially qualified to run for mayor.

"Because her term had another two years on it, if you qualify to run for another office, you have to give up the seat. Had her term ended this coming January, she would not have been required to do so," says Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

There will be a special election for the Ward II seat, September 14 through the 16, that's next Wednesday through Friday.

Those who qualify will be on the November 8th ballot.