Sherrod turns down USDA job offer

Sherrod announced she won't be taking the job offer

Ousted USDA employee and Albany resident Shirley Sherrod isn't going back to work for the Department of Agriculture. Sherrod made her decision during a meeting in Washington Tuesday with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Sherrod was forced to resign from her USDA position after a blogger posted snippets of a March NAACP speech where she appeared to make racist remarks.

Sherrod says she wants to use her ordeal to help the USDA improve its civil rights performance. "We do need to work on the issues of discrimination and racism in this country and I would certainly like to play my role in helping to deal with it," says Sherrod.

Vilsack was one of many people who jumped to conclusions about the video clip. He's taking full responsibility for the events that followed. The White House and the NAACP have since apologized to Sherrod.