Sheriff Sproul fights to keep deputies serving papers

Sheriff Kevin Sproul will be in Atlanta talking with legislators this week / Ashley Knight

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul is in Atlanta for most of this week, talking to legislators about funding for his department.

One thing he's trying to fight is a private organization being brought in to serve civil papers instead of a sheriff's deputy.

He says it's a safety concern because his men are specifically trained to serve civil papers and be able to handle whatever reaction the person being served will display.

"Not only is it a safety issue that we've been discussing for several years now, but it's also an issue where this past year, Dougherty County would have lost about $500,000 of revenue," says Sheriff Sproul.

He says that $500,000 goes straight into the county coffer.

Other issues he will be discussing with legislators is funding for things like training for his deputies in monitoring sexual predators once they leave the jail.