School policy violated with $91,000 contract

Dougherty County School Board debates over items on their agenda. / Jessica Fairley

After Monday's Dougherty County School Board meeting, some board members want action taken after nearly $100,000 dollars in Title I funds was issued to a consultant who they believed showed no proof of his work.

Darryl Sabbs and Associates were award a $91,000 dollar contract paid out in Title I funds for a 14 week Saturday Academy program.

The program was designed to help 80 fourth graders with their reading skills.

In the board meeting, some officials stated they're not sure if Sabbs followed through with all of the scheduled dates and that at this time there is no documentation of the students' progress.

Board members say school board policy has been violated because the board didn't have a say in hiring the consultant or issuing the funds.

Tommy Coleman, attorney for the Dougherty County School Board, says at this time it looks likely that the school board will have to pay back the $91,000 dollars if Sabbs and Associates isn't able to prove results.

"There's another $33,000 of questionable expenditures. When it comes down that you've spent this money and they ask you well what you buy this for you've got to have proof of that," says Coleman.

Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree says the board will take a look at other consultant contracts as well to determine if proper protocol was and is currently being used.

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