School Board, County Commission to vote on redistricting

School board and commissioners meet to discuss redistricting in Dougherty County. / Allen Carter

District lines are a step closer to being redrawn in Dougherty County.

The redistricting committee met Thursday and voted to send the plans for new district lines to the county commission and the school board. Each of those bodies will then have to vote to approve the redistricting plan before it can brought before the state.

Officials say the goal is to make sure each minority group is appropriately represented in the individual districts.

"For example our county is 68 percent black. So 68 percent of those people should have some say so in terms of who is elected. And you can dilute to try to weaken that 68 percent," said Committee Chairman James Bush.

The county is mandated to redistrict every ten years. Officials say the lines have to be re-drawn by the 2012 election.

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