Sanford Bishop releases tax returns

Rep. Sanford Bishop is running to re-election for U.S. Congress / Sean Streicher

Congressman Sanford Bishop released copies of his tax returns from the past 10 years after a challenge from his opponent John House.

House released 20 years of his returns.

Bishop said that folks want to know the people who represent them are open and honest and have their best interest at heart. It's also a good way to show there are no conflicts of interest.

Bishop said, "I'm happy to release my tax returns, I have nothing to hide, (I'm) glad to release them, I think transparency is good."

Releasing your tax returns is a common practice amongst elected officials all the way up to the president.

Rep. Bishops total income for the past 10 years are listed below:
2011 207,656
2010 164,654
2009 167,037
2008 164,355
2007 162,375
2006 267,239
2005 154,811
2004 173,268
2003 148,700
2002 143,398