Runoff election in Baker County

A runoff election will occur in the Baker County sheriff's race. / Matt Prichard

Most counties wrapped up their elections last night, however for Baker County, one race is just getting started.

The Baker County Sheriff's race is locked in a runoff election between current Sheriff, Dana Meade, and challenger Tim Williamson. Meade received 35% of the vote, while Williamson received 17%.

We spoke with Ginger Nickerson, supervisor for the Dougherty County elections office to find out what warrants a runoff election.

"Any candidate or candidates who have not received the majority of the votes, constitutes a runoff election, and you find that a lot, especially when you have more than two candidates in any race," said Nickerson.

That runoff will continue throughout the next several days, and we will keep you updated with the latest details.