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      Qualifying candidates shed light on upcoming elections

      At noon Friday, local counties found out how their future elections would play out after election qualifying ended.In Dougherty County, several seats will be uncontested, including multiple Dougherty County School Board seats held by Velvet Edwards-Riggins and James Bush. Lee County also faces a similar situation for it's school board seats as none of the three seats have opposition. Worth County had three seats open like Lee County, but opposition has appeared in the district one and three seats.The Worth County Sheriff's race had five people qualify, making it one of the candidate-laden races for the July election. Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals faces opposition from David Cheshire while Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul had no opposition.Despite not having any formal ballot competition, candidates could see competition from a qualified write-in candidate.For a full list of candidates from Worth, Lee and Dougherty Counties, check the list below.Worth CountyJudge of the Probate CourtAcord, Virginia - RGoldinger, Ann - RGriffin, Fidila - D

      Clerk of Superior CourtHicks, Brenda - D

      SheriffDaniel, John JD - DDavis, Leonard Lenny II - DGraddy, Ronald Ronnie - RHobby, Jeffrey Jeff - RJones, Marion Gene - D

      Tax CommissionerDuPriest, Tabetha - D

      SurveyorMedders, Roger - R

      CoronerJohnson, John Johnny - RWillis, Kenneth Ken - R

      Chief MagistrateStrenth, Tony " R

      Solicitor-GeneralJohnson, Bryce - R

      County Commission ChairpersonCosby, John Mike - RDent, Dorsey Fred - RHufstetler, Donald - DMedders, Matthew Matt - D

      County Commission District 1Gaines, Joe - DHall, Anthony Tony - DCounty Board of Education District 2Jones, Jerry - RCounty Board of Education District 3Reynolds, William Bill - RRoberts, Mike - DOliver, William Billy - RNonpartisanJudge of State Court, Worth CountyMiller, Clarence

      Lee County Qualified Nonpartisan Candidates Probate JudgeJohn WheatonChief MagistrateJim ThurmanBoard of Education District 2Claire B. LangBoard of Education District 4Sylvia S. VannBoard of Education District 5Frank Griffin

      Qualified Political Party Candidates Clerk of Superior CourtSara R. Clark - RSheriffDavid Cheshire - RReggie D. Rachals - RTax CommissionerSusan Smith - RCoronerRonald H. Rowe, Sr. - RCounty Commission, District 2Mary Egler - DLuke Singletary - RRaymond L. Timms - R

      County Commission, District 4Rick Muggridge - RFrank Taylor - R

      County Commission, District 5Greg Frich - RBill Williams - R

      Dougherty County SheriffKevin Sproul " D

      Clerk of CourtEvonne S. Mull " D

      State Court JudgeVictoria Darrisaw - DChristopher Shun Warren - D

      Probate Court JudgeNancy Stephenson - D

      CoronerMichael Fowler - DEmma B. Quimbley " D

      County Commission District 1Lamar Hudgins - R

      County Commission District 3Clinton Johnson - DLouise White Primrose - D

      County Commission District 5Gloria J. Gaines - D

      School Board District 1Robert Lee Youngblood - D

      School Board District 3Velvet Edwards-Riggins - D

      School Board District 5James C. Bush - D

      School Board At LargeAnita Williams Brown - DLane Price - D