Postell: 'WG&L not paying city full revenue'

Postell claims Water, Gas and Light is only paying a portion of metered revenue to the city / Ashley Knight

Albany City Commissioner Tommie Postell wants to set up a meeting between City Commissioners and commissioners on the Water, Gas and Light board.

According to Finance Director, Kris Newton, the city has not been getting all the revenue Water, Gas and Light is supposed to be paying the city.

Since 2005, WG&L is to pay 7.5% of all revenue to the city, but may be only paying a portion of just the metered revenue.

"They're gonna get the staff, gonna research it and come back and if it necessitate, we'll have to have a meeting with Water, Gas and Light Commission and the City Commission and the staff so we can work this problem out," says Postell.

Before 2005, their contract only stipulated they pay a portion of just metered revenue.