'No' vote on TSPLOST may cost more in the long run

The TSPLOST money would have gone to help several large road projects, but would also help repave rural roads / File

The Transportation Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) was voted down in southwest Georgia, and officials say it will hurt not only our roads, but our pockets as well.

Road projects will be finished at a much slower rate, and many might not even get finished.

But either way, governments will have to look into raising taxes and fees in order to supplement that lost revenue.

And businesses might think twice before relocating here.

"And not having transportation or that flexibility for the transportation, good roads, it could hurt this area," says Branch Manager for EMC Engineering Matthew Inman.

The next chance to vote on a TSPLOST will be 2014, but counties will be facing a 30% match instead of the 10% match they would have had this year.