New transportation center discussed

Plans for the center are still in its early stages

The public forums gave residents the opportunity to hear the facts and voice their questions, concerns, and comments about the new transportation center.

Plans for the center will focus on a bus hub, but will also include space for rural transit, Greyhound, taxi's, bikes, pedestrians, and the opportunity for a railroad connection should that develop in the future.

Plans for the transportation multimodal system would relocate the main bus hub from Oglethorpe Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue.

Erik Steavens, GDOT Intermodal Program Director says we're still in the planning process and there will be future opportunities for community feedback. "What we're looking at is finishing up the environmental process this spring, starting the design shortly after, and be in a position to start construction sometime in the spring of next year" says Steavens.

Mayor Willie Adams says he believes the new transportation center will provide an economic development opportunity in the part of Albany that the city wants to revitalize.